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RHYTHMICS in our kindergarten is a great musical adventure accompanied by a live piano. During each class we also use percussion instruments and other props, such as balls, hula hoops, and sashes. By learning songs, dancing to music, actively listening to it and free improvisation, children develop their musical ear, motor skills, hearing-motor coordination, imagination, and learn to cooperate in a group. (Scientists have found that children who sing a lot loudly rarely have speech problems.)


Our rhythmics teacher is Mrs. Hania. She conducts classes based on her own original program developed with the influence of the E. Jacques-Delcroze's method of rhythmics, enriched with elements of the methods of C. Orff, Z. Kodalya and B. Strauss. Ms Hania graduated with honors from the University of Music in Vienna, majoring in Musical and Movement Pedagogy and Rhythmics, as well as from the Academy of Music in Poznań. When conducting her classes, she will also use English and German.


The photos show pupils from one of the kindergartens in Vienna, where Ms Hania was a rhythmics teacher. We are happy to say that now she will be with us at PianoForte, and we are thankful for her contribution.

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