As part of the tuition fee in kindergarten, we offer:

  • English language classes using the Early Partial Immersion method - daily, approx. 6.5 hours

  • rhythmic classes - twice a week

  • vocal and dance classes with elements of playing Orff instruments - twice a week

  • guitar with English - once a week

  • drama classes

  • art classes - once a week

  • pottery

  • sport classes (general development)

  • classes with a speech therapist

  • psychologist support as needed

  • "big" trip outside the city - once in the school year

  • Music class based on E.E. Gordon's music education theory




You can find more information about food and types of diets in the KITCHEN tab.



Tuition fees in kindergarten: PLN 1850 / month.


The entry fee: PLN 1100 (one-time fee for the entire stay of a child in kindergarten)



Children stay in kindergarten from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.


We conduct recruitment if vacant places are available.


We accept children from 2,5 years of age to kindergarten.



Additional offer:

  • German language classes (depending on the parents' decisions and preferences, it may be a different or several foreign languages, e.g. French, Spanish)

  • karate

  • week long trip during the summer months, the so-called "Green Kindergarten"

  • "big" trips outside the city

  • educational workshops for parents

  • meetings with specialists in the field of parental support

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