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Music and Language Kindergarten PianoForte is a unique place, a truly bilingual kindergarten with an artistic soul, where every day music accompanies children in discovering the world and developing all their senses. We create a place where children develop in a unique way by playing, singing, dancing to music played live. Our mission is also to teach English language on a day to day basis, parallel to the mother tongue, using the method of early language immersion, thanks to which English never becomes a foreign language for a child. We draw on the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia, the cradle of which is Italy, which is known all over the world as a children's pedagogy of listening, participation and mindfulness, because it is based on initiating new ideas and gaining experiences by children. This method assumes that every child has unlimited development potential and is willing to interact and explore the world around him. Observing each child and stimulating them to develop their strengths is one of the cornerstones of this approach.


Our work concept is:

- individual approach to child development

- supporting independence

- developing creativity

- supporting tolerance and respect for multiculturalism

- teaching children how to resolve conflicts in a non-violent, empathetic way

- promoting healthy eating habits

- taking care of the environment

- developing the child's talents

- conducting daily activities outside

- small groups (15-18 children)

The Reggio Emilia teaching method is a creative approach to early childhood education that helps children to recognize their inner strength, develop curiosity about the surrounding reality and the ability to constantly discover new things. Every child, taking subsequent steps in their lives, tries to satisfy their desire to know. This allows them to find meaning and understand the world that surrounds them, while ensuring the development of independence and creativity. Reggio Emilia pedagogy aims to develop children's skills in problem-solving, decision-making, collaboration, communication and self-expression in many ways. It is a teaching concept that has developed into an educational system based on the philosophy of Loris Malaguzzi in the city of Reggio Emilia (Italy).
Principles of Reggio Emilia pedagogy:
-A child develops best through cooperation, therefore education should take place in a group of children and adults, not individually, as it helps in solving problems, making decisions, introducing innovations.
-The child is the builder of his own reality and development, veryfing his theories in practice.
-Children are co-organizers of everyday life in kindergarten. The kindergarten is their place, which they can arrange and shape on an equal footing with the staff of the kindergarten.
-The environment and the surroundings are teachers,  kindergarten space should provoke thinking and experimenting, maintain interest, enable socialization and contact with nature and culture .
-The teacher is an observer and listener, that provides the topic of classes in line with the interests and motivation of children, adapts the course of lessons to current events, he/she is a partner and helper in solving problems.
Reggio pedagogy is subject to constant changes and transformations depending on the needs and observations of teachers, parents and children.

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