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Below we present all the latest information and events related to our nursery and kindergarten.


25 November 2020
Today we celebrated the teddy bear day and on this occasion our little ones made and painted teddy bears from paper plates that decorate the interior of our kindergarten. There
06 November 2020
Today, magnificent cobwebs and their inhabitants have appeared on the wall of our vestibule! Colorful spiders have come to us and they will not move out soon :) Please visit
26 October 2020
Today we celebrated Pumpkin Day. During the art classes with Mrs. Magda, children created and painted beautiful pumpkins from paper bowls, which now proudly present themselves at the exhibition of
20 October 2020
Dear parents! We have updated our gallery with new photos! Feel free to visit our gallery section and see them!  Aldo we would like to remind You that we still
31 August 2020
Dear Parents! We have just received a visualization of the first stage of our playground at Łączności Street - about 250m from the PianoForte kindergarten. The playground will be ready
28 August 2020
Dear parents, we are pleased to announce that the opening of our nursery and kindergarten will take place on 01/10/2020! We plan open days in September to let you see
24 August 2020
When enrolling a toddler before August 31, 2020, there is a discount for the WHOLE stay of the child in a nursery or kindergarten! Please visit the "Price list" tab
24 August 2020
Dear Parents! We are pleased to introduce you to our newly created website! There you will find a lot of information about our kindergarten and nursery, a description of classes

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