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Music enriches the child's life, develops his imagination and sensitivity, positively influences personality, moods and emotions. It also has a significant impact on the development of his memory, intellect, as well as mathematical, organizational and language skills.


The most important thing is that children feel happy and safe with music, they treat it very naturally, with a great dose of happiness. Musical education is a permanent element of our kindergarten's program. Daily music classes -  which are great fun for children – help them develop rhythmic and melodic skills, as well as to learn audiation -  musical thinking according to the theory of E.E. Gordon.

The main goal of the music classes in our kindergarten is to prepare children to learn to play an instrument or singing lessons by learning rhythm and developing internal hearing. The classes are conducted by musicians, specialists in children's education, who also conduct music classes for children at the National Forum of Music in Wrocław. During the classes children learn to sing songs both in Polish and English. Each song is about learning new musical intervals that our little ones get used to. Children learn to read the rhythmic notation, which is an introduction to the score, they also play percussion instruments. We also host musicians who tell us about their instruments.


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